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March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Mitigation

(NOTE: This meeting was postponed, as noted on the Home page.)

Many of you are probably grappling with the same questions that other people are asking: how can I keep my loved ones safe? Should I be stocking up on supplies? How much longer will my day-to-day life be disrupted by this crisis? The simple truth is that no one knows all of the answers just yet—public health officials are working to better understand the scope of the challenge ahead, but the likely extent of the pandemic is still largely unclear.

As communities across the country and around the world grapple with the coronavirus, one thing is clear: the better informed we are about preventing, treating, and limiting the threat, the better it will be for us.

Clearly, your HOA and its Board are aware of these concerns and are outlining the following for our scheduled Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 31st.

  1. Based on previous Annual Meetings, the anticipated attendance is well below the CDC recommended maximum number of 50.
  2. Since all of the information has been previously distributed, there will be no spare copies, or other handouts provided at the meeting.
  3. We will adhere strictly to the agenda and business in order to reduce meeting time.
  4. We will observe the CDC guidelines with regard to meetings and will not include handshakes or personal touching.
  5. To accommodate proper social distances, we will utilize the entire Cul-de-sac on Eureka. (Please bring a chair, to be comfortable.)
  6. If you have any of the CDC referenced symptoms of a contagious respiratory disease, (however mild), or have been in the company of a suspected person, less than 14 days before the March 31st meeting, we request that you not attend the meeting, but complete a Proxy designating someone to speak/vote for you.
  7. Upon conclusion of the Annual Meeting, we will immediately convene the required and brief Special Board Meeting to accept the three motions for our commitments on lawn maintenance, Registered Agent, Pond Maintenance, and Common Insurance.

In the meantime, we hope that you are staying safe and informed in the face of this worldwide challenge.


Residents can undergo testing at one of seven locations. The County also offers in-home testing for homebound residents or residents without access to transportation. Appointments are required for the free testing. No doctor’s referral is needed, and insurance is not required.

Testing sites include the following:

  • Lee Davis Community Resource Center, 3402 N. 22nd St., Tampa
  • Plant City Community Resource Center, 307 N. Michigan Ave., Plant City
  • SouthShore Community Resource Center, 201 14th Ave. SE, Ruskin
  • Suncoast Community Health Centers, 313 S. Lakewood Drive, Brandon
  • Raymond James Stadium, 4201 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa
  • Redeemer Lutheran Church, 701 Valley Forge Blvd., Sun City Center
  • Wimauma Opportunity Center, 5128 SR 674

For more information on COVID-19, and any other potential emergency in the county, visit and sign up for the HCFL Alert system.

October 3, 2018


To All Residents:

We have had a couple of complaints regarding unleashed dogs bolting from their yard when they see another dog walking with their owner and scaring the leashed pets or owners. We understand that the dogs are not aggressive and are just being playful, but this could result in injury to pets or owners. It also limits the enjoyment of other residents in walking their dogs.

We’d like to remind everyone that the Springs Homeowners Restrictions state the following in our Declaration of Restrictions:

Article 1, Section 8. Pets

No animals, birds, or fowl shall be kept or maintained on any lot, except dogs, cats and birds which may be kept thereon in reasonable numbers (not to exceed two (2) ) as pets for the pleasure and use of the resident and not for any commercial use or purpose. All animals must be kept on a leash when outside the owner’s Lot and must not become a nuisance to other residents by barking, running about or other acts.


Hillsborough County Ordinances:

Sec. 6-28. – Confinement to property; dogs and cats at large; exceptions.

a) Excluding public right-of-way on an owner’s private property, no dog or cat shall be allowed to stray, run or go, at large upon any public property or street, sidewalk, park, or on the private property of another without the consent of the property owner.


We appreciate your cooperation to ensure that your pets as well as your neighbors’ are safe.


Thank you.


September 21, 2017


This is to inform you of a complaint received from the Pine Ridge Subdivision regarding children with go-carts or golf carts.

We would strongly encourage all owners of these vehicles to address these concerns and to verify with appropriate authorities the laws governing the use of such vehicles on public County streets and the laws governing the use by minors. Anyone operating these vehicles should observe all laws and rules related to this use and operation.

We want to be good neighbors and to ensure the safety of our neighborhood children.


Hillsborough County 

Free Calibration for Inefficient Irrigation Systems

Paula Staples, UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County
Public Education Program Coordinator

Did you know you can run your irrigation system for ten minutes a week during restricted dates and times to check for adjustments and maintenance issues? As long as someone is visibly attending the system while it is turned on, it is legal. If you can’t see the irrigation system operating, you won’t know what needs to be repaired.
Now that plants are starting to grow, they will need water; more water than at any other time of the year. This is because Spring is our driest season. If you have an in-ground irrigation system, now is the time to turn it on and see what maintenance the system may need.
If you’re worried about a high water bill from an inefficient irrigation system and would like your system calibrated, call Paula Staples, UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County, Public Education Program Coordinator, at 813-744-5519813-744-5519 Ext. 54142, to see if a free calibration will save you money.


County residents can now get free mulch


County residential solid waste customers (not commercial customers) may now get up to 2 cubic yards of mulch per year at no additional cost.

To pick up mulch, customers are required to present their current property tax bill (showing their solid waste assessments) and appropriate identification to the on-site attendant.

Lynn Barber is the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods agent at Hillsborough Extension. Reach her at



This is just a reminder for our new homeowners and residents.
Airborne fireworks are prohibited in our community due to the close proximity of our properties.  These types of fireworks pose a significant risk and danger to person and property.  A few years ago, one homeowner reported that his new pool enclosure was barely missed by one of these.
The Sheriff’s Office has been asked to patrol and anyone who witnesses a violation may also notify the Sheriff.  Additionally, the homeowner will be subject to a HOA fine equal to one year assessment,  currently set at $275.
Thank you for your cooperation and have a Safe and Happy holiday!