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Business Referrals

(Disclaimer: These vendors are supplied by individual homeowners, who have had successful projects. Although The Springs may use some of the suppliers, this does not represent an endorsement by The Springs HOA.)


Alarm Systems-

Electrical –

1. Superior Electric Co, 803 W. Waters Ave, 813-935-2117


Lawn Care –

Home Repairs/Handyman –

Make It Right Inc. Dave Cox (813)-340-5186. Flooring, Remodels, Painting etc. (several projects throughout the years)

Painting –

Plumbing –

Pool Cleaning –

Pool Repairs –

Pressure Washing –

Roofing –

1. Malphus & Son, Gen Contractors, 1465 Tampa Park Plaza, (813) 273-0870 {Completed four in 2017)

Sprinkler System Repair –


From Kim:

On Friday, November 1, 2013 9:45 AM, wrote:

Just wanted to let you know and maybe this is something we could send out to all the homeowners… A friend of mine in the neighborhood directly behind our house just told me a few days ago they found her cat in pieces. They called Florida Fish and Game out and they told them it was a Coyote. They said they are moving towards the neighborhoods now that the woods are gone. They told them that they hunt at dusk and dawn and will eat small animals unfortunately they will not trap them or relocate them. Last night I talked to some people that live on Sylvia Lane and they have seen the coyotes several times and can hear them at night. Florida Fish and Game suggested if you walk your dog on a leash to carry a big stick or a can with coins in it to shake (they do not like the noise) or if you have a cat make sure you bring it in at night. thanks . . .

From Scott:

On November 3, 2013

Just a reminder the coyote has been here for the last three years in the springs, as noted to Dave, Board President. I’ve got the coyote pair on camera sitting on the sidewalk front yard then scurrying off to the north on Homosassa st. This past summer there’s a pack(5) of them traveling south on Homosassa St. I was curious as they walked past by my garage, 3AM. They stopped and looked at me in my garage….I walked out to identify them, not a good idea, and they started circling. I raised my arms at them and growled. Lead coyote walked south and the rest followed. I stood still as they left. But I got this wild idea to follow and charge at them if the looked back. Not a good idea, the lead coyote carefully turned then walked briskly as the rest followed toward me. I raised my arms/growled, they stopped then carefully walked toward me. I laughed loudly they stopped, then proceeded toward me. One house south of mine I backed up carefully keeping eye on the pack. I got to my garage and the pack turned south briskly away. Yes the wild coyotes are here amongst us. Just be careful with your children and pets. Oh yes, take care of yourself too.

Scott Barr